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STOP - 4 Things Every RV Owner Must Know about Their Roof

  1. Does the product you're applying need a Primer? Most RV Roof products do NOT stick well to EPDM Rubber Roofs without a Primer. RV Flex Repair products do not require a Primer for EPDM rubber roofs, Metal/Aluminum, or Fiberglass.
  2. Are the products you're applying compatible with each other? Products from different brands do not work well together. RV Flex Repair products, in contrast, are designed to be fully compatible with each other.
  3. Are the products you're applying waterproof? Most RV roof coatings are not waterproof and cannot handle ponding water. RV Flex Repair has a 100% silicone coating that is completely waterproof.

Is there a warranty that comes with your products? RV Flex Repair products are the only RV Roof products that come with a warranty, let alone a lifetime warranty!

RV Roof Sealant for Enhanced Protection

41 Reviews

The right Silicone RV Roof Coating is a game-changer for any RV owners aiming to protect their vehicle from the elements. This sealant coating acts as a shield, locking out moisture and preventing leaks with unparalleled efficiency. Start your adventures knowing your RV roof is fortified with the best, ready for endless journeys under the open sky.

Is your RV’s roof getting tired? Ready to restore or repair your RV, camper, or trailer roof? Need a lifelong solution? Our roof sealant is what you need.

RV roofs have a limited life before they need to be replaced. Generally, it's on average every 10–15 years. This typically costs approximately $3000–$4000 each time unless you know the secret to restoring your roof once and for all at an average lifetime cost of about $549.95 with our roof coating.

Are you asking yourself how is this possible? It's possible with new technology that has been developed recently, which allows 50+ years of performance.

RV manufacturers who build RV's are not concerned about how long your roof lasts, they just want to make sales and have it last long enough so they don't get any warranty recalls. Plus, if they offer RV service centers, they make a killing servicing your RV year after year.

Now why would you want to dish out $10,000 over the life of your RV when you can do it once for about $549.95 with our roof sealant and have it guaranteed for the life of your RV?

I didn't want to either, and that's why I developed the only roof coating that is guaranteed for the life of your RV. Read MY STORY for full details.


Proper application will extend the life of your RV’s roof, keeping it safe from the elements and ready for all your adventures. Follow this guide for a smooth, effective application.

Step 1: Begin with power washing your RV, camper, or trailer roof for thorough cleaning. If unavailable, a scrub brush and bio-degradable cleaner work well. Remove all silicone and old, flaky caulking. Non-silicone caulking that's still adhered well can be coated over. Finish with an acetone wipe to enhance adhesion.

Step 2: Once dry, prepare the surface with RV Flex Repair products. Use RV Flex Repair Roof Tape for larger areas and seams and RV Flex Repair Self Levelling Caulking Lap Sealant around vents, seams, and skylights. Apply RV Flex Repair 100% Silicone RV Roof Coating in hard-to-reach areas like edges and around roof fixtures.

Step 3: Start with a heavy coat of 100% Silicone Roof Coating in areas that a roller can't reach, such as edges and around vents. Then, apply a heavy coat over the entire roof, using a small pail or pitcher to manage the coating.

Step 4: Aim to apply the coating thick enough to cover the entire roof in one coat. If the desired thickness isn’t achieved with the first coat, apply a second coat as soon as the first one is set, typically within 24 hours.

Tips for Effective Application

Follow these expert tips to navigate through a seamless, efficient application process for your roof using Silicone Sealant Coating.

  • Mix thoroughly: Always stir the coating well before each use to ensure even consistency throughout the application process.
  • Prevent curing: To prevent the coating from curing due to exposure to air moisture, replace the lid on the pail when not actively using it.
  • Coverage estimates: The coating is designed to cover approximately 60 sq ft per gallon. Here's what you'll likely need based on your RV's length:
    • 5 gallons for under a 30 ft RV
    • 6 gallons for under a 35 ft RV
    • 7 gallons for under a 40 ft RV
    • Application conditions: For best results, apply the coating when the ambient temperature is at 40°F (5C) or higher.
    • Surface compatibility: This coating works excellently on aged EPDM rubber roofs, fiberglass, metal, and wood. For a fiberglass surface, it's recommended to roughen or sand the area first for better adhesion.
  • Curing time: Keep in mind that curing times can vary depending on the temperature and humidity levels.
  • Dealing with skinning: If the coating starts to skin over in the pail, simply remove this layer and stir well before continuing your application.
  • Application technique: Use a standard roller for application, ensuring to apply heavy coats for optimal protection.
  • Shelf life and guarantee: Properly stored, the coating has a shelf life of 2 years, allowing for future use if needed. We stand by our product with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee, offering you peace of mind with your purchase.

That's how easy it is to repair your roof and forget about doing roof maintenance ever again. Go ahead and restore your roof for the last time now.

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William M.
Canada Canada

Why would you look elsewhere

As per our other reviews, there is no other product we’ll use. Our clients love it which makes us happy and further solidifies our reputation. Seriously, you don’t need to look anywhere else folks. If you do you’ll know why we warned you.

Ronald R.
United States United States

RV Flex Repair Stands Behind Their Product

I put two coats of the Ziollo RV Roof Sealant on my 2005 Sunnybrook two years ago. It went on pretty easy, but you did have to work fast as the stuff does dry quickly. Anyway, this spring I noticed two small cracks in the top coating along a seam I had trouble with in the past. Sent pictures of the problem to RV Flex Repair and the sent me a gallon of the sealant to make my repairs. Cleaned the affected area with acetone and rolled on a couple of coats. Good as new! I don't think it is in the website, so I will mention it here. Washing the roof is much easier with this coating than with the old OE rubber roof. The dirt and debris washes right off and the color is still bright white, like the day I put it on.

Mark G.
United States United States

Excellent produce

Extremely easy to use. Made my rv roof look brand new!!!

Lee J.
United States United States

Product feedback

Your silicone RV roof sealant is so easy to work with. It’s excellent product. Lee

michael B.
United States United States

Roof coating

My experience was excellent. The product applied as advertised and was easy to work with. The finished product looks great and performs great.

What you need for your project:

To get started on your project, you'll need to gather a few essential items to ensure a smooth and effective application process:

  1. Power washer or biodegradable soap and scrub brush to clean the surface.
  2. Acetone and rags for a final wipe (available at stores like Home Depot or Walmart).
  3. One-time use paint brushes, rollers, and pole extensions (can be found in a Dollar Store).
  4. Paint tray and small bucket
  5. Disposable gloves
  6. Painter's tape


When I created the RV Flex Repair product line, I wanted it to be hassle-free and last the life of your RV. I feel we've accomplished this and stand behind our products 100%. If, for any reason, your product has an issue, I will replace it or refund it over the life of your RV. Even if something strange happens, like a branch going through your roof, let me know, and I'll send you our free product to fix it. I don't know of anyone else who stands behind their products like this.

Free Shipping on All Orders

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping on every order, no matter where you are in North America. We believe in providing our customers with exceptional value. Shop with confidence, knowing that the price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden shipping charges.

Hassle-Free Returns Guarantee

We offer a 90-day return policy. If returned in the first 30 days, return shipping is free.. For returns between 31 to 90 days, a 20% restocking fee applies. We're committed to your satisfaction and making returns as easy as possible.

My Story

I was in the same situation as you trying to maintain and repair my Motorhome Roof. I said to myself, there has to be a better way. That's when my journey started to create the worlds best RV Roof solution. Read MY STORY HERE.

Ziollo RV Flex Repair - My Story

Full Application Video

This video shows how to prep and apply the Silicone RV Roof Sealant Coating for Trailer & Camper Repair.


Get ready to experience RV roof magic with our Silicone Roof Sealant Coating. Here are some of the most common questions to help you get the best results.

Why are RV Flex Repair products the best option?

The products are formulated with ingredients that last 50+ years. They stand up to hot and cold environments and are UV stable. These products are backed by a 100% warranty, so you never have to worry again.

When will my order arrive?

Generally, we get your order to you in two to four days.

Can I return an item if I'm dissatisfied?

Yes, you can return items up to 30 days after you have received them. Just make sure it's in sellable condition, and we will provide you with a pre-paid return label.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Yes, if you made a mistake or need to change anything, email and we'll fix it right up for you.

Can this sealant be applied on a TPO roof?

Yes, the Silicone RV Roof Sealant Coating can be applied to a TPO roof with a primer. Use Liquid Rubber EPDM & TPO Primer for a complete seal that protects your RV roof effectively.

What kind of roller should I use to apply this coating?

For the Silicone RV Roof Sealant Coating, you can use a standard 3/8" nap paint roller. This ensures an even application of the coating over your RV roof, helping achieve a seamless and protective layer.

How many additional coats are required for full protection?

Typically, one heavy coat should suffice. However, additional coats may be necessary for complete coverage and protection, depending on the roof's condition and the first coat's thickness.