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Top 5 Mistakes RV Owners Make on Their Roof

Avoid these 5 Mistakes to prevent water leaks and damage to your RV, Motorhome, Camper or Trailer:

Avoid these 5 Mistakes to prevent water leaks and damage to your RV, Motorhome, Camper or Trailer:

  1. Not Getting On Your Roof - If you don't get up on your roof you'll never know what's happening.  You need to get up there to check the caulking sealant around your vents, seams and skylights.  When your RV is manufactured, they use a general purpose caulking sealant that breaks down over time.  It starts to crack and peel.  You'll need to reapply new self leveling caulking over top of the old caulking.  RV Flex Repair Self Leveling Caulking can be applied and is guaranteed for the life of your RV.
  2. Using Products That Are Not Compatible With Each Other - Many brands are not compatible with other brands.  It's best to stick with 1 brand and ask the company if you can use the product together whether it's in the same year or many years apart.  RV Flex Repair products are compatible and can be used with each other
  3. Poor Preparation Of The Surface Before Applying New Product - Your RV roof repair is going to stick to what's on the surface.  If you leave dirt and oil, the repair product will stick to that and can easily come off.  Ensuring a clean roof surface is the most important process.  Power washer, scrub brush, bio-degradable soap and a final clean with Acetone is best. 
  4. Not Using The Required Amount/Coverage Of Product - One of the biggest mistakes made is not using the required amount of product.  What happens is you paint your roof and it looks good so you think you're finished.  The issue is the product being applied is performance tested to a specific thickness.  If you're not at the required thickness, you won't have the performance that is expected.
  5. Not Following Product Instructions - Instructions for products are developed to make you successful.  To ensure success, follow what is recommended by the company who made the product.  They have the most experience with the product and it's best practice to follow their recommendations.

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