My Story

I understand you.  

You checked your RV Roof and saw you needed to do more maintenance - AGAIN!… 

All because the caulking that's on there now is not meant to last long term.

I understand…

I was there too, 


I am using the RV Flex Repair System and I'll never have to start my camping season on top of my RV again.

Hi, I’m Ray, RV Owner and Roofing Expert.

I am going to tell you about how I plan to help you spend more time camping and less time fixing your roof in a couple of minutes but before that, let me tell you more about my RV Roof journey. 

When I grew up, I went camping with my family and it was some of the best times I remember.  It didn't seem to matter where we went as kids, as long as we could run around, ride bikes, build a fire, tell stories, roast marshmallows and hot dogs. 

We were happy. You don't need much to put a smile on a kids face when camping.

Now my kids are getting to the age where I can share those stories and memories with them. I wanted to get a motorhome so we could start exploring some of the great areas around us.  My brother has a couple of little girls and we hope to have both our families enjoy many years of camping to come.


I am telling you this because:

I make RV owners' lives better.  Because I've developed not only the best RV Roof products on the market today, but they last the life of your RV. Therefore - no more annual maintenance!

Does this sound interesting to you?

I bet it does.

I’ll tell you more about it in a minute. 

When I bought my RV, I realized that my roof needs maintenance and repairs every year.  If those repairs aren’t done, it leaves you open to massive damage on the interior, ruin your trip or cancel it before it even starts.

Do you know what I am talking about? 

Also, I couldn't find RV Roof Products that wouldn't harm our environment and provide a long term solution.

When I was on my RV Roof doing my annual repairs and the product I was using didn’t stick with the product I used the year before, I thought to myself there has to be a better way.  RV Roof products should be compatible with each other. 

I couldn't even get in touch with anyone to ask why their product wasn't working with the product I used last year.  So I went on the internet like you’re doing today, but for me there was no one to help.  The sellers of these products and the RV Dealerships weren’t interested in helping me out, they just wanted to make more money.

I knew there were better options since I was already working in the roof coating industry. I knew there were new raw materials and technologies that would work together to create a solution for the problems I was having.

Firstly, I started to research what RVers wanted. And what they said was very clear. 

They wanted:

  • Something that’s easy to use, works and lasts a long time.
  • To be able to talk to someone if they had questions.
  • To do the work themselves over a weekend and not have to take their RV to a dealership which can charge up to $4000 for a new roof. 

  • Is this you too? 

    Next we started working on formulations, we went through hundreds of different recipes and tests.

    It took about a year to complete the formulations so they’d work on their own and with one another.  Finally, I had the products dialed in where I would never have to do annual roof maintenance again.

    Today you don't have to be stressed trying to figure out what products to use each year on your roof which means you can spend more time with your family and friends doing the things you enjoy most - camping.

    Just pack up and go. 

    So now it’s your turn… 


    Can I take a moment to ask you a couple of questions? 

    As you are sitting there, reading this on your computer or phone.

    What is it worth to you to never worry about doing RV Roof maintenance again or being charged up to $4,000 for a new roof?

    What difference would it make to be able to just pack up and go?


    Do you want to fix your roof for the last time?


    I bet you do. 


    All that is left, is for you to take the first small step and complete your RV Flex Repair Roof Restoration next weekend.