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When Should I Replace My RV Rubber Roof?

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If properly Maintained–you’ll never have to 

A rubber roof will last anywhere from 25-30 years if properly maintained. Maintenance should be completed after every long trip and at the beginning and end of the camping season. Maintenance consists of checking your roof and performing any necessary touch-ups as required. 

If your roof has any of the following you may want to consider replacing it:

More than three leak points are unsolved: 
    • A patch that is spread a large distance across the roof
    • Any patches that are messy and peeling
    • Any large water pooling areas
    • If you can not identify the RV sealant material and it is still gooey to the touch then it was not done properly or with the proper materials
    Any soft to touch spots in the interior from unresolved leaks
      • These are conducive to a leak that has penetrated the structure and insulation
      • It will eventually result in mold and mildew if not taken care of ( the leak has to be found outside first)
      If your existing exterior roof is:
        • Peeling at the edges, around fixtures or preexisting patches
        • Cracking due to the EPDM becoming brittle from UV exposure and improper maintenance
        • Fading/Thinning due to UV exposure
        • Completly changed color due to UV exposure as UV does degrade the EPDM material over time without proper maintenance.

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        Before you decide to change your roof, we recommend calling a professional to determine if you absolutely require a roof replacement. 

        However, we do understand that not everyone has access to a professional: we urge you to consider completing a full RV Roof Treatment such as using our RV Flex Repair One Weekend Kit.  When done correctly, the full coverage our kit provides will get that hard-to-find leak.

        Our website offers a lot of educational material and tips to help you determine what kit, or product would best suit you. Feel free to explore and ask questions!

        We look forward to hearing from you and to assisting you in this journey!

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