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What is the Average Life of an RV?

Being an RV or camping enthusiast, we get excited when we see an old Airstream or those tiny little retro Rockets. But what is the average lifespan of an RV? The answer might surprise you.

RV’s that Stand the Test of Time

Being an RV or camping enthusiast, we get excited when we see an old Airstream or those tiny little retro Rockets. Those are the trailers that have seen the test of time. They were built strong and are from a time when workmanship mattered. There is nothing like an old trailer, especially one that you can visually see was loved and maintained. You see, an RV if properly maintained properly and consistently can live 30+ years. We would like to give you a couple of tips on how to help your camper see those ripe old age years.

RV Roof Maintenance is #1

If you do not have a good roof, everything goes sideways from there–literally. I know we have said it on more than one occasion but we want to make sure we have drilled it home. You should be checking your roof after every long trip and at the bare minimum every spring and fall.  Basically when you open for the season and when you close for the winter. You might only need a touch-up using some RVFlex Repair Self-Leveling Caulking, but if you need a complete RV roof treatment, we got you covered with our RV Flex Repair One Weekend Roof Kit.

Keeping Your RV Clean

You want to keep a clean ship: wiping out any crumbs to avoid having any furry friends visit. We recommend buying a box of Bounce Laundry Sheets and putting them throughout your camper's compartments, nooks and crannies. Bounce is a strong smell that is said to deter mice. Another trick that works is to soak some cotton balls in mint essential oil and leave them in cupboards. We recommend putting the oil-soaked cotton balls on a ceramic plate to avoid damaging any material in the camper. 

Cleaning also applies to the exterior. Using a good UV treatment wash on the exterior never hurt anyone. RV waterproofing is no joke.

How To Store Your RV

If you can store your RV when not in use out of the elements then that will help extend the life of your RV. You can opt to get an RV cover, but remember that cost usually reflects how good it will stand up to the element itself. A good RV cover allows the RV to breathe and doesn't trap moisture inside.  

The main point is to take care of your RV, if you want it to stand the test of time, it will take some time and financial investment. Trailers nowadays are not made with the same quality and workmanship as they were in the 80s and require a lot more maintenance than their predecessors. If you are able to find a reasonably priced, well-maintained unit from the 80s: you should scoop it up and continue to maintain it because that RV will live as long as you do.

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