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How to Caulk A Camper Roof

It’s almost that time of year again when we uncover our RVs and motorhome and we get them ready for the upcoming camping season.  Here are some tips on how to caulk a camper roof.

It’s almost that time of year again when we uncover our RVs and motorhome and we get them ready for the upcoming camping season.  One of the key “to do’s” is to check and reseal if necessary before you depart on your maiden camping voyage.  We have broken down how to caulk an RV roof to help you get out camping quicker!

What type of caulk should you use?

Firstly the type of seal/caulk matters. Please do not use your standard caulking bought at the hardware store or roof tar. As well, price is usually indicative of the quality and because your roof is the most important part of your camper, you really should go with high quality. 

Finally, more than one product is typically needed to seal your roof.  We suggest finding a company that not only covers all the products you’ll require but has the warranty and reviews to support it. The best RV roof treatment exists and you are in the right place! The RV Flex Repair One Weekend Kit has everything you will need and more.

The best part? With RV Flex Repair, you will only have to seal your RV roof once!

Here's how to caulk your RV Roof:

  1. Plan for a clear, dry day with no chance of rain. 
  2. Prep the area by washing/ pressure washing your entire roof with biodegradable soap and lightly scrubbing.
  3. Remove any loose or peeling preexisting silicone or roof sealant. Anything that doesn't easily remove, can remain and we will just go over top it.
  4. Final wipe using acetone to get a good clean surface 
  5. Seams: Begin at the front and back seams, and any other seams that your unit may have. Use the RV Flex Repair Tape to complete these areas. Check out our videos to get a visual of what to expect. RV roof tape has a multitude of applications and should be an item you carry with you when you camp.Apply a heavy coat of the  RV Flex Repair 100% Silicone Roof Sealant Coating to the entire roof (around vents, skylights, and AC etc.). 
  6. Caulk using the RV Flex Repair Self-Leveling Caulking once the roof is dry, around any roof fixtures ensuring there are no gaps. 
  7. Go camping!

It is that easy!

The best part, is you get a lifetime warranty, never have to reseal your roof again, it can be used on an EPDM rubber roof, wood, metal, or fiberglass making it extremely versatile. 

Now all there is to do, is to wait–just have to wait for mother nature! See you out there!

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