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5 Tips Before You Begin RVing

As a first-time RV owner, let us welcome you to the exclusive RV adventure club. Grab your camping checklist and get ready to go RVing with us.

As a first-time RV owner, let us welcome you to the exclusive RV adventure club. Grab your camping checklist and get ready to go RVing with us.

Being a part of this club means you can now buy those cheesy trailer-oriented t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers, and pet onesies that declare your passion for camping. The only thing left to do is to plan your first RV vacation and we would love to help. Here are 5 important insights to help make your first RV trip a success.

1.  Read your user guides. These manuals hold vital information on how-to-RV and will make RVing significantly easier. Whether you bought used or sat through the extensive walk-through at the RV dealership and are experiencing information overload; make reading the user manual a priority. Reading the leaflets will give you additional knowledge which will help you troubleshoot any problems that might arise and how to properly maintain your RV.

2.  Your first time RVing should be a stay-cation. Take your trailer to the local park and have a picnic lunch or drive it to your in-laws and camp in their driveway. Taking your trailer out for a test drive allows you to discover anything that needs to be secured, tightened, or fixed. Equally, it affords you the ability to learn how the trailer reacts in the comfort of your community. No one wants to be that guy who does not know how to reverse their camper while scraping every low-lying tree on the way into the campsite. Upon your return, inspect your RV thoroughly, especially the roof and the wheels; even new RVs can come with quirks.

3.  While you should have purchased and packed a sewer hose, water hose, and water pressure regulator, it is equally important to have a small tool kit. A small Rubbermaid container that can be stored in your outside compartment will do the trick. Start with packing things like a screwdriver set, duck tape, electrical tape, a small tube of outdoor silicone, and a roll of RV Roof Tape for any minor roof repairs (remember those low-lying branches). Add or detract from this kit as you explore your RV. It very well could save your camping trip or at least a trip to the store.

4.  Current world camping has changed slightly due to the pandemic and it caught even the most experienced campers off-guard. Be sure to check ahead with the campground if they offer sewer pump-outs or if their washrooms are open to the public. If they are not open or do not offer this service, you may want to invest in a black water tote if you are camping for an extended period as your RV can only hold so much waste.

5.  Most importantly, you are not alone. You will come to learn that RVer’s are a special type of people. People who camp have this way of bringing everyone together and making you feel like you are family. Maybe it is the fact we are all centered around a campfire or that the call of travel has touched each of us in profound ways. It is an exclusive club with unlimited access to adventure and knowledge.

We understand that you may feel nervous backing into your first campsite, do not be afraid to ask your neighbor to guide you back, as we are sure they would be more than happy to help.

We hope that these simple insights will assist you on your first RV adventure. We are excited to welcome you as a fellow camping enthusiast and we look forward to hearing about all the adventures that you will have in your new RV.

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