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How Do I Prepare My Camper for Camping?

How do I prepare my Camper for Camping?

Let's Get Ready to Go Camping!

  1. Make a checklist, we have one here to ensure you do not forget any essentials.
  1. Check your roof, touch up with RV roof sealant as necessary. You do not want to be messing around with this on your holiday! Be sure to pack some RV Repair Flex Tape, as it is a save-all when it comes to camping!

  2. Check your tires and bearings, ensure you have spare and basic tools; nothing worse than a flat tire on the interstate.

Funny story, we went camping on my anniversary one year and lost an entire wheel. We were stranded on the 417 (a four-lane split highway) in Ottawa, Canada and no one stopped! It was one of the hottest days in the summer. We had to abandon our RV on the side of the road to get to the nearest Canadian Tire to get the supplies to change the tire!

  1. Complete a walk-a-around, make sure everything is secure. Close windows and vents.

  2. Retract your slides & awning.

  3. Make sure nothing is running or turned on. Turn off AC, furnace, pump, stove ect.

  4. Fold in your steps and Safety Handle. I dont know how many RV owners I see speeding down the highway with their steps still out. 

  5. Lock your door. The RV tends to flex when barrelling down the highway, and occasionally your door may open with enough flex. This is also why you should check your roof seams after a long haul. Carry an RV roof coating kit for any necessary touch-ups.
  6. Check your Lights and ensure your brakes are tuned in if you have a brake controller.

  7. Do not forget your children. Kidding!

Finally, enjoy the trip. Stop at the giant Canadian Goose statue in Wawa, Ontario or visit the biggest rest-stop in America because you are carrying the convenience of a home away from home for these reasons. To see the things that you otherwise would not get to.

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